Hello World!

I suppose I couldn’t start this blog without titling it “Hello World!”. For me it this phrase feels like a right of passage every time I start something new which in this case is a blog. Now, blogging is pretty outdated at this point (a solid decade now) but for someone like me it is the correct platform to express my self since I am not a huge fan of putting my self out there and recording my self on a camera, so here I am starting a blog only a decade too late.

Now, I should explain why I am even starting this blog. The blog exists to give me a way to express my thoughts and feelings and help me keep a record of it. In a way it’s a bit like a diary, since the whole point of it is to help me put my thoughts in some sort of order and my future self can look back upon this blog to see how I changed and moulded over time.

A little bit about me, I am currently 18 years old and live in London. I finished school this year and in October I will start university. Now I do not want to over share so I suppose this is as much information as you (the theoretical single soul that somehow stumbles upon this site and decides to read what I have written here) need. Most likely as time goes by you will end up learning more about me as I get more comfortable with writing on here.

From what you have read already you can tell that my writing abilities are not the greatest but then again this blog is for my self and I suppose overtime my writing will improve and become more fluid and advanced.

Content wise you can expect almost anything from aeroplanes to zebras. I will write about subjects I’m interested about or something that happened to me in real life and I want to share. Maybe, there will be some stories too about events that happened before but who knows I suppose anything goes. There will be no schedule for this as I am a slow writer and will only publish a post once I am happy with it.

Until next time!